Customer Acquisition. Capital Acquisition. Talent Acquisition.

TTM Advisors partners with leading organizations, both young and established, to help them acquire the customers they want, the talent they seek, and the capital they require.

TTM Advisors serves both for profit and nonprofits.

  • TTM works with for profit companies to attract capital, acquire customers, create products, and build teams needed to grow profitable revenue streams to both reinvest in the core business and reward investors.
  • With nonprofit organizations TTM works to build sustainable financial support, attract top talent, and create the systems and structures to maximize the impact of philanthropy and earned revenue to core mission fulfillment.
Investor Identification and Fundraising

For both companies seeking new capital and nonprofits looking to boost philanthropy, TTM works to target funders, develop pitches, and tell a story, both quantifiably and qualitatively, that attracts financial support.

Marketing and Customer Acquisition

With a blend of both traditional marketing approaches (e.g., branding, customer segmentation, lead generation) and "growth hacking" tactics (e.g., social strategy, content marketing, email campaigns, landing page A/B testing), aquire and retain new customers.

Product and Offer Strategy

Define what products and offers to take to market. Create roadmap and release plan. Work with client product and technology teams to build and develop minimum viable products. Collect feedback from customers and partners to iterate on product and release plan.

Sales, Channel and Partner Strategy

Develop go-to-market models that expand the reach of sales organizations, penetrate new market segments, and leverage existing channels where appropriate. Define services (professional, implementation, and/or support) strategy to complement product offers.

Talent Strategy

Identify and help source the team, both employees and contractors, needed to build product, acquire customers, and operate business overall.

Program and Project Management

Manage complex projects (e.g., systems implementation & integration) as well as programs that involve multiple projects and organizations (e.g. suppliers, channel partners). Assist organizations in the evaluation and management of consultants, service providers, and technology partners.