Codesters initially retained TTM Advisors to help lead its fundraising efforts to venture capitalists, specifically work related investor targeting and messaging. As part of this work it became apparent to both Codesters and TTM Advisors that Codesters needed to expand its brand awareness with both customers and the investor community. TTM Advisors developed a content marketing strategy coupled with an intensive email campaign. An ongoing project, the goal of this work is to increase awareness and engagement with Codesters, specifically in the form of conversions of target teachers and school leaders to registered trial uses of the Codesters platform. In addition to overall strategy, TTM Advisors also writes copy and conducts marketing execution across the Wordpress, CreateSend for email campaigns, and various social platforms (Facebook, Twitter) and tools (TweetDeck, Buffer).

The Brooklyn Borough President's Office (the City of New York)

In 2015 the City of New York and NYC Department of Education announced CS4ALL, a 10 year initiative to rollout computer science education into all 1,700 NYC public schools. In anticipation and support of this effort, the Borough President and his office engaged with TTM Advisors in the summer of 2015 to create the CodeBrooklyn campaign. The mission of CodeBrooklyn is to communicate and promote the value of computer science across the borough, particularly in low income neighborhoods. Through the work of TTM Advisors, and using an integrated CRM/email system (MailChimp), social media, and a WordPress Content Management system, the CodeBrooklyn campaign was able to reach nearly every school and school leader in Brooklyn. The result of this was that 380 - over 80% - of Brooklyn participated in Hour of Code activities last December during CSEd week, the largest percentage of any large urban area in the world. Also a product of CodeBrooklyn was Brooklyn schools being overrepresented, compared with the other four boroughs, in principal applications to the SEP (Software Engineering Pilot) program within the Department of Education.

Network for Teaching Entrepreneuship (NFTE)


The Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA)


The Heckscher Foundation for Children




The New York City Foundation for Computer Science (CSNYC)


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